Spiti Valley, situated in the chilly desert of Himachal Pradesh, India, earns its name, 'Spiti,' meaning "middle land," as it lies nestled between India and Tibet. At an elevation of 12,500 feet, this region is a breathtaking expanse, surrounded on all sides by snow-capped Himalayan peaks.

Shrouded in deep Himalayan snow, Spiti remains isolated from the rest of the country for approximately six months each year, making the summer months the only time when the valley is fully accessible via motorway.

Despite its sparse population, Spiti proves to be a haven for adventurers, offering an array of trekking trails that commence in Kaza and lead to numerous peaks, each providing panoramic views of the Himalayan Alps.

Blessed with the grandeur of the massive Himalayas, the passes between them, pristine lakes, and the vibrant blue sky above, Spiti Valley is a visual feast. The charming landscape is adorned with modest cottages and Buddhist temples, housing locals leading simple lives, yet extending warm welcomes to visitors with genuine enthusiasm.

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